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Aseelah Carter Weddings



It's not about me, its really all about YOU! 

Things you shouldn't be on your wedding day?

Many decide to plan their wedding themselves and just as many wish they hadn't. I get it, it's a DIY day & age and my goal is to give the right solution to the problems facing my brides.

I've designed an extensive wedding planner made especially for the DIY bride in you! This guide is completely digital and available for instant downloading. It offers over 150 pages, designed to help you feel as if you had hired my professional help. You will be able to plan your very own wedding from concept to completion using this unique digital planner. Click here for more info and to purchase your download today!

I am a wife, mother and grandmother but most importantly, I am a God serving woman who is striving to help couples like you, plan a beautiful wedding day. My team is my family, we love working together and nothing makes us happier than helping other families become one.    
I am a Aseelah The Nurturlista (one who nurtures); I am here to connect with you and nurture you along this journey! 

*Stressed out & exhausted


*Running around figuring out last minute hiccups


*Playing referee with family members


*Unsatisfied with your design


Our Mission

To take away the chaos and frustration while executing the PERFECT day for 1,000 couples! Planning a wedding can be fun but it can also be stressful. Our mission is to help take the stress off the table, to allow you the joy, fun and excitement of planning your perfect day.


The Vision

Getting married is easy, staying married is the goal! Our vision is to help 10,000 families build solid marriage foundations through empowerment, connection and communication. I've always been passionate about the sanctity of marriage itself because it's a beautiful union of two people under God.



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