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Healthy Marriage Culture

Aseelah Carter is here to help you nurture, heal, and strengthen your marriage! My goal is to help you create a strong, healthy, and happy marriage by being proactive and taking an active role in your relationship.

With my guidance, you can create a fulfilling and harmonious marriage that will last for years to come.

 God says there is a proper order to things:


 Healthy Marriage Culture is a marriage nurturer consultancy that specializes in helping couples with all aspects of their marriage. We offer one on one nurturing sessions, pre-marital assessments, pre and post marriage counseling sessions, and connect you with my professional network to help with all aspects of marriage. Our 90 day "Married With Purpose On Purpose" program is the perfect way to ensure your marriage is rooted in the right foundation. With my expertise and guidance, I am committed to helping you and your partner build the marriage of your dreams.

I am dedicated to helping couples build a solid foundation for their marriages. Specializing in pre-marriage guidance for couples about to get married, as well as help nurturing their marriage for those who have been married for five years or less. I offer help to navigate the complexities of their relationships.


My programs are designed to:


*learning to Love & accept love

*help couples learn how to fight fair,

*deal with infidelity trauma

*identify whether they have the “cart before the horse” syndrome.

*help you let go of past traumas to allow you the capability to move forward


I also offer guidance on how to clear bad energy and move forward including:

*Chakra cleansing

*Home organization tips to clear your space energy

*Co-parenting guidance

*Post wedding depression prevention

*One Command services

*Financial/Couple Entrepreneurial guidance


     At Healthy Marriage Culture, I am passionate about helping couples create strong and healthy marriages. My mission is to help couples be married with purpose, on purpose. I work with couples to bring out the best in each other and reignite the magic of love. Couples leave me feeling empowered, inspired and in love, on purpose, ready to show up in their marriage. Allow yourself to receive love. You deserve it.I empower couples to create a life full of love, passion and companionship. If you and your spouse are ready to take the next step, book your consultation now. You can have the fairytale marriage you and your spouse deserve to be. Marriage is a journey, and I’d be honored to join you on yours.                                                 

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